Bespoke Handmade 17ft Marquetry Burr Walnut Dining Table


Product ID: 1605

This is an example of one of our larger, and most versatile bespoke tables – it is a full 17ft wide when fully extended.

But, as you can see from the image below, when you don’t need all that fabulous seating capacity, it can be reduced down to a mere 5ft 11 inches and looks like this:

Expansion is by means of a winding mechanism and a number of removeable expansion panels.

When fully extended this table can comfortably accomodate up to eithteen people making this table suitable for purposes other than dining – it is ideal, for example, as a boardroom table or for use in a conference room.

Businesses that really wish to make a statement can have this type of table decorated with their own company logo, crest, motif or other decoration that may be desired.

Please see our page “How we make your bespoke table” to find out more about having a table made to your precise requirements.

Please note that the price shown does not include the fee for personalisation.